Wubbles are handmade from cardboard and recycled materials by Anthony James.

Size: Approx 16cm tall sitting on an 8cm wooden base (approx).  All sizes are approximate as each Wubble is unique and therefore sizes may vary.

Please specify which colour Wubble you would like at checkout.  (Colour choices are listed in the product description below).

(Wubbles are not toys and are not designed to be displayed outside, as they are made from cardboard  and recycled materials).


‘A very long time ago, during a time of Druids and magic, before the Romans came to the island of Vectis, there were Wubbles here. Little folk in their robes of moss and leaves, living among the rocks and in the woods. Now they are few and far between, but occasionally you can glimpse them, standing quietly under the hedgerow, or in the shadow of an oak tree.’

There are 5 clans of Wubble:

Woodland Wubbles: Usually a dappled yellow or greenish colour

Moon Wubbles: Deep blue in colour, and these mystical creatures sparkle!

Earth Wubbles: An earthy ochre colour

Fire Wubbles: Red in colour, and the rarest Wubbles

(Elder Wubbles: Currently only available from the Creaturama shop on the Isle of Wight and not available for purchase from the online shop)

Wubbles are handmade by, and are the intellectual copyright of Anthony James, Creaturama Artist. 

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