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The Work of Artist Anthony James

CREATURAMA, Covid & Creatures

THE PANDEMIC It’s been some months since I last wrote a Blog, and what a few months those have been. Like the rest of the world CREATURAMA has been dealing with the Covid 19 Pandemic and the first thing to happen initially was the loss of ALL school workshops and exhibitions. The workshops went in…
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Chronicling the worlds of CREATURAMA

Kindle E-Books ‘SPROUT’S DAY OUT’ 2020 Nearly thirty years ago I began a quest, and like all classical quests, I had no idea where that quest would lead. I have grown up in the shadows of incredible stories and with wonderful films and television to fuel my own ideas, but, I have to be honest,…
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Months before JURASSIC WORLD FALLEN KINGDOM premiered, teaser trailers were released for the movie, both on TV then YOUTUBE and social media, and straight away the most wonderful thing happened, my work was featured in one of these main trailers. UNIVERSAL PICTURES had a fantastic marketing idea, create a fictional group called the DINOSAUR PROTECTION…
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SO…three of my hokey, fun, kiddy- friendly dinosaurs were needed as set dressing for a multi-million dollar dinosaur movie, a movie that was part of a franchise I had loved since JURASSIC PARK back in 1994. So I headed onto the set of ‘JURASSIC WORLD FALLEN KINGDOM’. Like several movies I’ve been involved with over…
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In the autumn of  2017 I was contacted by an old friend who works full time in the film industry, and her message read’ How would you like to work on the most successful Dinosaur franchise of all time?’. Hardly a difficult question to answer with a big fat YES! I couldn’t believe my luck…
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Dinosaurs, huge reptiles that once ruled our world. I’ve been fascinated by them for as long as I can remember, and that’s a while! Like a lot of children born in the 1960’s I collected the Brooke Bond Tea Cards and dutifully stuck them in my Brooke Bond dinosaur card collector’s booklet, and read about…
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Obsessed with a NEWT!

Did you know that 99.9% of animals that have lived on planet earth are now extinct? Now stop for a minute and think about that.  We live on a planet teeming with life, from the humble flea to the mighty blue whale, but they are the measly 00.1% here now! I love making incredible creatures…
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I’ve ran CREATURAMA as a business since around 1992, but it was a long road traveled to get there! I suppose my interest in ‘Creatures’ started with my father.  A coal miner from South Wales he moved to the Midlands to work in the new car manufacturing boom of the 1950’s, but his childhood home…
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Creaturama Dinosaur Workshops THIS SUMMER!

In 2018 Anthony ran 6 dinosaur workshops for children in Nuneaton. They were very successful, with people giving 5* ratings. Well, he’s at it again!! This year there are only 2 opportunities to work with Anthony, and meet some of the dinosaurs that appeared in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. All the details for the day…
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New Creaturama Website

Creaturama has a new website and a new look! This isn’t the finished version yet, so keep checking for new content, including news of public workshops, exhibitions and a shop, where you will be able to buy Anthony’s books and fine art.

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